Tacony Creek Litter By Friends Hospital – 2 Photosynth Surveys

Friends Hospital, just downstream of Whitaker Ave, is downstream of 6 PWD outfalls (T-08 – T-13). the litter laden PWD stormwater deposits plastic bags, food wrappers and other debris on the Tacony Creek banks along the Friends Hospital property.

I’ve made 2 new photosynths of the Friends Hospital creek trash situation here and here.

Photosynth is a powerful Tacony Creek litter documentation tool because it lets me stitch together dozens of photos around a litter build-up site. The 1st photosynth shows a 360 degree view of a Friends Hospital trash build-up area. You can navigate the synth several ways:

  • Selecting one of the photos outlined in white
  • Selecting one of the highlights on right side of image
  • Using navigation arrows at bottom of photo


The 2nd synth shows a Friends Hospital branch on the left side of the Creek that has been catching plastic bags and other stormwater debris.

I plan to use this natural stormwater trash trap to study the build-up rate in this section of the Tacony Creek. Here are before and after photos of my 10/17/13 branch clean-up.

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