Phila CSO NMC 6&7

Philadelphia’s  CSO Nine Minimum Control # 6 & 7 Requirements   and  Implementation 

Philadelphia’s Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (PaDEP) (link) paragraph K attaches the PaDEPs CSO Policy to the COA:


PaDEP’s CSO Policy, as documented in Appendix C of the COA (link),  requires Philadelphia’s “Continued Implementation of Technology-Based Nine Minimum Controls” (Attachment 1A, pg.13)
I have reproduced this section of the COA Attachment 1A for the readers convenience:



Pa DEP – Philadelphia  Consent Order Agreement  COA Link
Appendix C
EPA 1995 CSO Nine Minimum Controls Guidance – May,1995 EPA_NMC
EPA CSO Guidance NMC 6 NMC_6
EPA CSO Guidance NMC 7 NMC_7
Philadelphia Documentation – Implementation of the CSO Nine Minimum Controls – Sept. 27, 1995  Link
Philadelphia Updated Nine Minimum Control Report – June 1, 2013  Link
Philadelphia Annual Wet Weather Reports: 1995-2013 Link
Timeline of Philadelphia’s NMC 6 Compliance Link
Philadelphia’s NMC 7 Compliance Link

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