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Logan Triangle Area Illegal Dumping

Philly311 & Street Department Illegal Dump Reporting System
Not Working Effectively In Logan Triangle Area

City residents submit service requests to Philly311 for illegal dumping issues. These requests are forwarded to the Street Department for action and updates are provided to the Service Request database to confirm that the trash issue has be resolved.

I have compared Philly311’s Illegal Dumping Data with 4/24/18 DashCam street trash observations in Logan Triangle to see how well the City and residents are working together to tackle the Logan Triangle street trash problem. The brief report summarizes my findings and makes a series of recommendations to provide trash dumping relief to the beleaguered residents of Logan Triangle.

Philly311 Illegal Dumping Service Requests for 2018 – Year to Date

Philly311 data show 13 Illegal Dumping service requests for the January 1 – April 24, 2018 period. 10 requests are reported to be closed and 3 are active, as shown below:

Click any slide in the slideshow below to see some of the trash piles found in the 4/24/18 dashcam survey.


  1. Tires, construction debris, residential trash and loose litter cover this area.
  2. Philly311 data does not realistically reflect the distressing nature of the illegal dumping problem in Logan Triangle.
  3. Hundreds of people pass through this area daily, yet there were only 13 service requests over a nearly 114-day period.
  4. Nearby residents and commuters as well a City employees (Police, Streets, L&I, Water, CLIP, others) ignored the excessive loose litter and numerous trash piles as they pass through this area every day.
  5. While Streets Department personnel closed 10 service requests, numerous trash piles remain.
  6. Philly311 Database illegal dumping updates do not to provide useful information on the nature and extent of the service request and remaining trash issues after specific SR was cleaned up.
  7. It is not appropriate to close out individual illegal dumping service requests for a chronic dumping areas like Logan Triangle without initiating broader corrective actions to stem ongoing tire and construction debris dumping.


We need a better Philly311 – Streets Department reporting and follow-up system to clean-up this area and prevent future illegal dumping.

Since this is a known – chronic illegal dumping area, I request that the City conduct dashcam type Illegal Dumping surveys and remove all illegal dumping in Logan Triangle on a daily basis. A dashcam type survey could be completed in about 1 hour per day.

The City’s current approach of waiting for residents to submit Philly311 illegal dumping service requests does not make sense in an area like Logan Triangle that gets multiple dumps each day. The City needs to be proactive, spot the new dumps each day, rather than wait for service requests from frustrated residents, many of who have given up hope of solving this problem.

Clearly the City needs an illegal dumping strategy which must include increased controls on tires, construction debris and residential trash. The Logan Triangle residents and commuters need short term actions to clean-up the mess while the Zero Waste & Litter Cabinet works out the long term solutions to this problem.

Philly311, Streets, L&I and CLIP should open a standing Logan Triangle Illegal Dumping SR and provide daily surveys and necessary cleanups until such time as the City has a permanent solution to the Logan Triangle trash problem.

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