TTF Trash Tours

Plastic bottle trash tour of Tacony Creek

This map shows 3 seriously trash impaired stretches of Tookany – Tacony Creek:

  1. Rock Creek by Ogontz Ave (Route 309) downstream of PWD outfall T-01
  2. Mill Run by Cheltenham Ave in Melrose Park, Cheltenham Township.
  3. Tacony Creek between Roosevelt Blvd and Friends Hospital


You can view photos surveys of these 3 segments and see the role that PWD’s stormwater outfalls have on these Tookany – Tacony Creek segments by click one of these links:

  1. Rock Creek
  2. Mill Run
  3. Tacony Creek

You can view photo trash surveys of PWD stormwater outfalls by clicking one of the following links:

PWD Stormwater Outfalls

    1. 10 PWD Outfalls That Discharge Trash to Tookany – Tacony Creek
    2. T-080-02 MS4 outfall – Tributary to Tookany Creek
    3. T-080-03 MS4  outfall Tributary to Tookany Creek
    4. Mill Run Creek Downstream of PWD’s MS4 outfall T-088-01

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