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Devon Village Wall Paint Job

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Devon Village Wall: Looking for a Win – Win Solution

This  PDF:

  • Explores the concept of “reasonable costs” for beautification of Devon Village Wall
  • Examines the costs for stucco repairs to the Devon Village wall
  • Reviews research on the impact of vines on masonry wall
  • Assess the suitability of vines for Devon Village Wall sections
  • Evaluates what is needed to grow vines along Devon Village Wall
  • Identifies cost factors for Devon Village Wall vine cover
  • Presents Devon Village Wall Vine Cover Cost worksheet
  • Evaluates Win-Win Results from Devon Village Wall vine cover


Questions About Repairing the Devon Village Wall

Here is a working draft of questions about repairs to the Devon Village wall before it is  painted.

(Click link to download pdf)


EMAN’s 6/13/11 Meeting Presentation

Here is a PowerPoint file that I used to make my presentation for the 6/13/11 EMAN meeting concerning the Devon Village Front Wall.

 (Click link to download PowerPoint file)
Devon Village Front Wall Improvement Request