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Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Scientist Interview

Peter Sinclair ( provides excellent video interviews with climate scientists. Here’s an interview with Asa Rennermalm of Rutgers.

Video – Weather? or Climate Change?

New video by Peter Sinclair (link)


El Nino Update – 8/17/15

I’ve been tracking global warming for a number of years and have noticed that El Nino (background here link) conditions play a major role in year-to-year global temperature anomaly patterns. The 1998 El Nino was a record breaker and caused many climate skeptics to claim that climate change has stopped (link).

Here is my chart of weekly El Nino – La Nina trends for


It looks like 2015’s El Nino may break the 1998 record.

Here is NASA GISS’s (link) monthly global temperature anomaly data since 1880:


While there is significant annual and decadal variation, there is no question that global warming is happening.

Climate Change – Evidence and Causes



The National Academy of Science and the Royal Society have issued a report on the evidence and causes of climate change. This readable 35 page document provides a primer on global warming, explaining the science in a clear and concise manner.

Global Warming – Micheal Mann Video

Micheal Mann of Penn State is a leading climate scientist who has been a target for climate change deniers.  Here he is in his own words….


Obama to Announce Climate Action Plan

At 1:35 on Tuesday June 25th President Obama will speak at Georgetown University on the growing threat of climate change. He will lay out his vision of where we need to go, to do what we can to address and prepare for the serious implications of a changing climate. Tune in at

Our Recent Heat Wave

We have just come out of an 11 day heat wave. This video shows that we can expect more frequent heat waves like we have just seen because global warming is happening right before our eyes.