2900 Block N 19th Street Trash: Sept., 2016 and Jan., 2017 Views

Google Street View and Philly311 are 2 sources of photographs of street trash in Philadelphia.  A concerned Philadelphia resident submitted an illegal dumping service request for 2953–2999 N 19th St to 311 on Jan 2nd.  They included this photo.2900_bl_n_19th_st_311_photo

Here’s the Google Street View of the same location taken in Sept., 2016, just 3-4 months ago.2900_bl_n_19th_st_google_st_view

Yes, things have gotten worse in the past 3-4 months.  The tires and furniture have been dumped since Google passed by in Sept.

One of the key facts I have observed about trash dumpers, they return to the same dump sites over and over.

here are the same photos side-by-side for those who want to make a more detailed comparison.

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