311 Trash Request – 8000 Grovers Ave.: Example of Construction Debris Short Dumping

This 12/29/16 311 Illegal Dumping Service request for 8000 Grovers Ave shows extensive construction debris, likely from residential home remodeling work, as well as other trash. The work may have been done by a do-it-yourself homeowner of small contractor.


While the dumper had options for proper – legal disposal,  he/she chose to dump the debris. This dump site is within a few miles of 2 Philadelphia Sanitation Convenience Centers and 2 commercial trash haulers.


Philadelphia’s 6 Sanitation Convenience Centers (link) are a great resource for residents  that need to be more widely advertised. My experience is that many/most Philadelphians are unaware of this free service.

The Zero Waste & Litter Cabinet needs to closely examine how we handle home remodeling construction debris and develop strategies prevent dumping of this debris in our streets and vacant lots.

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