Philadelphia’s Zero Waste & Litter Cabinet: Illegal Dumping @ 851 W Jefferson St

311 Users are a great source of detailed information on illegal dumping who can help the newly formed Zero Waste & Litter Cabinet identify and prioritize chronic illegal dumping areas.  Today we’ll look at the situation at 851 W Jefferson Street to see the 12/27/16 conditions and previous conditions captured in a Sept., 2014 Google Street View.

The map shows 851 W Jefferson St and the location  2 of Philadelphia’s 6 Sanitation Convenience Centers where the dumpers could have taken their trash 6 days a week. The 2nd photo shows the vacant lot used by dumpers in Sept., 2014. Notice the mattresses and other debris.

The 3rd photo shows the conditions on 12/27/16 as photographed by a 311 User.  We see tires, construction debris and many trash bags all dumped on this vacant lot. It looks much worse in 2016 than it did in 2014.

There are several lessons form this single incident:

  1. Illegal dumping sites are reused over and over
  2. Dumpers look for vacant lots, out of the way places to dump their trash
  3. Google Street View and the City’s high-resolution photography can be used to identify dumping hot spots
  4. 311 Users’s photographs provide critical details on contents of illegal dumping sites






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