Philadelphia’s Changing Climate

2016  has been a hot and dry summer  in Philadelphia. Here are a few charts that summarize the 1950-2016 daily temperature and precipitation data at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

August 2016 warmest in 1950 – 2016 period

The mean temperature in August, 2016 was 81.3 F, making it the hottest August in the 1950 – 2016 period.KPHL_8_Monthly Mean Temerature

41 Days with maximum daily temperature was 90 or more degrees. 


Very Dry Summer

It’s been a dry summer, we are 3.34 inches below median cumulative rainfall for this time of year. 2016 ranks 35th out of 45 years, only 11 years have had less rain than 2016 since 1970.KPHL_CumulativeRainfall_2016-09-01



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