Phila City Council Working on 5 Trash – Litter Bills

City Council is beginning to get serious about Philadelphia’s litter & trash problems. There are now 5 litter – trash bills moving through City Council:
  1. Bill 150198 – requires food stores to provide trash & recycling bins for patrons
  2. Bill 150217 – requires rental property landlords to provide secure trash & recycling containers in common areas
  3. Bill 150275 – requires construction waste plan for construction greater than $10,000
  4. Bill 150276 – requires all construction debris to be placed in construction dumpsters
  5. Bill 150373 – Single Use Bag Fee – regulates use of single-use bags and establishes fee for consumer use of single-use bags

Bills 150198 & 150217 have passed the Committee on the Environment and are now up for Council approval.

Bills 150275 and 150276 will be scheduled for committee hearing by Committee on Licenses and Inspections.

The single use bag bill (Bill 150373) will be assigned to a committee for a public hearing.

If you care about litter & trash in Philadelphia, this is a key time to get involved! City Council’s 17 members will be voting on these 5 bills in the coming months. Please speak up to both your District Council Member and the At-large Council Members. We need all 5 bills to start to get control of our litter – trash problem.

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