Philadelphia’s Trash Problem – Request for City Council Hearing

Copy of 2/16/15 email sent to: 
  • Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds
  • Councilman Mark Squilla
  • Councilwomen Maria Quinones 
Dear City Councilors:

Trash and litter conditions vary widely throughout Philadelphia, from essentially no litter in Center City to extensively trashed streets and parks in other neighborhoods. As a District 8 resident, I see the differences between little – no trash in Chestnut Hill – Mt Airy versus parts of Germantown, Logan and Tioga that have extensive illegal dumping.

To me, trash is a quality of life, environmental justice issue. All Philadelphia residents deserve trash – litter free streets and parks.

I have prepared the enclosed Philadelphia Trash Problem paper to show conditions in District 8 and to outline actions that City Council could consider to improve trash conditions in our neighborhoods.

Improving trash control in all neighborhoods would require actions by at least three City Council committees:

  • Committee on the Environment
  • Committee on Licenses & Inspections
  • Committee on Streets & Services

I request that as Chairs of these Committees, you consider holding joint hearings on Philadelphia’s trash – litter problems to gather information and advice on what City Council could do to improve the quality of life for many hard working residents who are victims of illegal dumping and thoughtless littering.

Kelly O’Day

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