District 8 Trash & Household Incomes

As I study Philadelphia’s trash – litter problem I have been struck by how the lower income areas have a much greater incidence of illegal dumping and trash than the more affluent areas. To test the validity of this impression, I have mapped the Mean Household Income by census tract in District 8 and the 2013 litter code violations.


This map shows that areas with lower household incomes have a much greater incidence of code violation notices for premise and sidewalk litter.

My trash photo surveys also show a much greater incidence of illegal trash dumping in lower income areas.

Rubicam & Collom Sts

Rubicam & Collom Sts

What does this mean? I believe that trash – illegal dumping – litter is an environmental justice issue and that all Philadelphia residents are entitled to clean, trash free streets, sidewalks and Parks.


One response to “District 8 Trash & Household Incomes

  1. brandywinesprouts

    Kelly, Your email here got me thinking…. do governments in our area still use prisoners to pick up trash?  If so, i was thinking they might have developed the beginnings of a connnection to the need for reducing trash.  They could be taught more about impacts.  lets explore a program where ex-cons are hired to do outreach in lower income neighborhoods regarding trash and the environment. I think this could a really cool innovative approach to reaching underserved communities. Fits in w “Green Jobs” programs.  I know a guy i can explore this with who does prison programs. If you think it might have legs. Dee

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