Phila Council District 8’s Litter & Trash Problem

Council District 8 stretches from Chestnut Hill in the far NW corner of the City to Broad Street.

District 8 (2016)Source: Committee of SeventySource: Committee of Seventy

Litter – trash problems  vary from none in Chestnut Hill to extreme in parts of the Germantown, Logan neighborhoods. Here is a trash photo survey that I took on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015 in 5 District 8 areas:

This street litter –  trash comes from littering by local residents, visitors passing through the area as well as intentional illegal dumping.

A wonderful resident of Rubicam Street told me that as soon as neighbors clean up the illegal dumping in their area, the dumpers return with new trash. They need help from their City Councilwomen, Cindy Bass to tackle this problem. City Council can tackle this problem by getting serious about the litter – dumping and recognizing that it is an environmental justice problem. A mix of council actions are needed:

  • Increase $300 littering fine
  • Increased inspection –  enforcement of business property  litter control
  • Trash receptacles at SEPTA bus stops
  • Monitoring cameras and police enforcement in high dumping areas
  • Increased litter – dumping controls for vacant land, abandoned properties (previous post)
  • Frequent street cleaning in high litter – trash areas

Please contact Councilwoman Cindy Bass and ask her to take the lead in cleaning up District 8 and keeping it a litter free District.


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