TTF-Schuylkill-Delaware Stormwater Plastic Debris Map

I have been working on an on-line, interactive map of stormwater plastic debris in the TTF Creek, Schuylkill & Delaware Rivers as part of an effort to assess the regions impact on the North Atlantic sub-tropical gyre plastic  accumulation. The maps provides on-line links to support documentation so the interested parties can view news reports, DRN or other stormwater plastic related data in the Delaware Estuary. You can access the map with this link. You can also reach the map by clicking the image below.
Just click an icon to get details about the plastic debris accumulation area and direct links to source documentation.
The red icons are for trash photo surveys that I have conducted while the purple icons are reports by others. The green icons link to the Schuylkill Scrub and the North Atlntic gyre plastic accumulation paper by Dr. Kara L. Law.
ArcGIS on-line provides the base map. Additional stormwater plastic data will be added as it become available and the map will be enhanced to provide additional user interactivity.

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