Philadelphia Area Stormwater Plastic Trash Survey Plan

I have been widening my investigation into Philadelphia’s stormwater plastic by looking at sites on the tidal Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers to augment my earlier work on the Tacony-Frankford Creek.

This map shows the 6 Philadelphia area stormwater plastic survey sites that I have surveyed and the 2 reported sites that I plan to assess in the near future.

  • Sites 1-3, on the Tacony-Frankford Creek, are documented here, here, here.
  • Sites 4 and 5 on the tidal Delaware, the General Pulaski Park and Penn Treat Park, are documented here.
  • Site 6 on the tidal Schuylkill River is the Bartram’s Gardens documented here.
  • Sites 7 and 8 on the tidal Delaware River, documented in news reports here and here, are W Deptford, NJ and Little Tinicum Island. I hope to survey these sites this fall.





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