Philadelphia’s Code Violation Notice Data

As part of the recent Philly EcoCamp, the Streets Department released a series of data files, including data on Code Violation Notices (CVN) that will be helpful to anyone interested in Philadelphia’s litter – fugitive trash problem. The CVN file includes these 17 data items:

  1.  FID
  2. Ticket_Num
  3. Property_B
  4. Violation_
  5. Violation1 violation code
  6. Violatio_1 text description of violation
  7. Fine_Amoun
  8. Warning
  9. Voided
  10. Date_Added
  11. Issued
  13. Evidence_F
  16. SEG_ID
  17. STNAME

Interested users can map and analyze the 434,370 records in this  July 2009 to June 18,2014 data file to see where the City has issued code violation notices.  The City uses over 100 codes to record these violations for litter, trash, recycling and dumpster violations.

As a very simple example of what can be done with this data, I’ve made a simple summary table of the top 5 violations  give a sense of in the 7/09 – 6/14 period:


The City has issued nearly 62,000 ‘sidewalk not litter free” notices as well as nearly 52,000 “premises not litter free”  for a total of 113,621 litter CVN in this nearly 5 year period.  The City has certainly been busy.

In the next blog I’ll map where these CVN has been issued.



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