Let’s Use Bottle – Bag $ Incentives to Reduce Litter

@ainedoley of Germantown showed this twitter photo of litter on a Philadelphia stormwater grate.



There are 10 bottles – cans in that mess. If we had a 5-cent reward for people to collect  and return these  bottles – cans to designated locations, suddenly that mess is $0.50 for some enterprising individual.

Just think, if Philadelphia had a 5-cent reward for every littered bottle or can turned in, then a $1 million reward expenditure could we remove 20,000,000 bottles and cans from City streets. What about plastic bags? The same thing would apply.

A litter turn-in program could provide the necessary financial incentive for people to collect bottles, cans, plastic bags and turn them in for $.

We have to start thinking of monetary incentives to either stop litter or provide incentives for citizens to collect and turn in litter. Volunteers are great, however, we need to move to the next step.

We can use fees at time of purchase or just rewards at turn-in time, either way, we need to associate money with the litter so that litterers have a reason to properly handle it.



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