Trash Photo Tour of Tacony – Frankford Creek

This map shows the extent of my 4/1/14 photo trash tour of the Tacony – Frankford Creek from E Wyoming Ave to Castor Ave.


View the slide show by clicking on any image.

To view the tour as a pdf,  click this link.

2 responses to “Trash Photo Tour of Tacony – Frankford Creek

  1. I talked with a coworker who does sampling in these and other creeks and he said a big problem is these areas are impoverished and residents are less likely to be neat. A possible solution would be to have the local councilperson set up a meeting with residents and invite PWD folks to present something about trash impacts on water quality. Get the Friends group involved as well.

    • Thanks Adam – good points. Floatables is a water pollution problem that must be addressed by the City, EPA and PaDEP. Volunteer efforts have not worked. Active street cleaning and L&I enforcement are needed.

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