Mapping Philadelphia Litter

The Philadelphia Streets Department (PSD) conducts street litter surveys several times each year. They use a Street Litter Index to assign as score (1 – minimal, 4 significantly littered) to rate small multi-block survey areas.

Here are side-by-side maps of PSD’s 2007-08 and 2012 surveys:
(Click to enlarge)


You can compare these 2 maps in a before-after fashion by clicking this image and moving the Vertical slider: (Click to see interactive version)


Notice the differences between 2007-2008 and 2012? Any ideas why 2012 looks like there is less litter?

Here is a short Word file on the Street Department’s Litter Index ( psd_street_litter_index)

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  1. Great info! I work for the Mt. Airy Business Improvement District and we strive to keep Germantown Ave litter free through daily cleaning, organizing cleanups and PHS’s Community Land Care program. We have a weeding/tree mulching project coming up on April 5th – and volunteers are needed! Check out Thanks so much!

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