Documenting Tookany – Tacony Creek Trash

1st, Best wishes for a happy and litter free 2014!

2nd, there is a new tool to help document the creek trash conditions in the Tookany – Tacony Creek, Photosynth 2 from Microsoft.

I’ve  developed a series of photo trash surveys of Rock Creek using this new software. Please take a look, I think you will be surprised how well the creek trash shows up in the 3D like images.

Rock Creek is a beautiful creek so I have included some “nice” segments along with the litter filled segments.

  • Good – Rock Creek by Washington Lane: link
  • Bad – Cheltenham storm sewer outfall:link
  • Ugly – Rock Creek downstream of PWD’s T-01 outfall, behind Cheltenham Mall: link

You can control Photosynth  by clicking the icon in lower right of screen: to stop – start movement. Photosynth_1

Once you have stopped image movement, you can manually advance through images by holding mouse left button down and moving mouse up or down to move through the scene. You can zoom and pan on a specific location by using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Here is a image of trash build-up just downstream of PWD’s T-01 outfall.


I plan to document all creek trash hotspots with Photosynth in the next few months. It turns out that winter is the best time to photograph creek trash because most vegetation has died back, exposing the trash.

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