Photosynth 2.0: New Tool to Photo Document Stormwater Trash in Small Streams & Creeks

Microsoft has released a new version of Photosynth that significantly improves photo documentation of creek trash.  I took my digital camera to Rock Creek, a small tributary of the Tookany – Tacony Creek to see how if Photosynth can be used to document creek trash in small creeks. The answer is YES!.

Here are links to several Rock Creek Photosynths that show the power of this tool in documenting creek conditions.

  • Rock Creek just upstream of Washington Lane Bridge (link)
  • Icicles Along Rock Creek (link)
  • Rock Creek Trash Tour Below MH2 (link)
  • Trash Tour below Cheltenham Storm Sewer Outfall (link)
  • Rock Creek Trash Tour Below PWD’s CSO T-01 (link)

Photosynth’s Walk mode lets you “glide” from photo to photo along the creek as if you were flying.  You can stop the auto advance and move forward – reverse at your own pace.You can zoom  and pan to see the creek litter or others of interest.  This tool takes litter photography to a whole new level.

Rock Creek Below PWD’s T-01 Outfall by KellyOday on Photosynth

Example of Rock Creek Trash Captured in 3D with Photosynth

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