Philadelphia’s Green Stormwater Program and Tacony Creek Park Trash

Mark Focht,First Deputy Commissioner of Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation Department and President of American Society of Landscape Architects,  gave a talk on Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters program at the DuPont Summit on Dec. 6, 2013.

His talk was highlighted in the American Society of Landscape Architects on-line magazine (The Dirt) here.  You can download the full presentation here.

Green Stormwater

There is no mention of creek trash, street litter or trash problems in Tacony Creek Park in Mark’s talk. I first started looking at Tacony creek trash problems when I had a tour of Tacony Creek Park and was shocked to see so much litter and trash in the Creek and on Park property.  You can find my original report here.



To me,the first step in green stormwater should be to tackle Philadelphia’s street litter problem. Philadelphia street litter is damaging both Tacony Creek and Tacony Creek Park. A concerted effort by Philadelphia Streets Department, Water Department and Parks & Recreation could make a difference in creek trash.

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