Creek Trash Assessment Methodology

How do we systematically assess the trash conditions in our urban creeks? While there is systematic monitoring of chemical and biological water quality measures (DO, pH, specific conductance, temperature,etc) of local creeks by PWD, Pa DEP, USGS and others, there is no systematic monitoring of creek trash.

This paper documents the application of the Creek Trash Assessment Methodology to approximately 0.5 miles of Mill Run Creek to demonstrate how this method could be applied to Philadelphia area creeks.

Link to pdf file

Mill Run Creek emerges from a storm sewer in Philadelphia to an open creek in Cheltenham. The Creek downstream of Cheltenham Ave. has extensive trash build-up along the banks and in the creek bed.

PWD’s T-088-01 MS4 outfall is one of 12 stormwater outfalls along Mill Run Creek between Cheltenham Ave and New 2nd Street.

One response to “Creek Trash Assessment Methodology

  1. Hello,
    I am wondering if anyone reading this comment might have the contact information of the author of this report. I am an environmental science student at Iowa State University interested in stream litter management and wanting to dialogue with the author. Please contact me at

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