Monitoring PWD’s Rock Creek CSO T-01

PWD’s CSOCast web page (link) provides recent information on the flow discharge status of PWD’s CSO discharges as well as rainfall information for PWD’s rain gauges.

This screen grab shows the status information displayed at 7:00 AM on 11/27/13. Notice that pinkish colored box, this data field tells the timing of the latest data update, in this screen shot it was 1:17 PM on 11/26/13.


I will be updating this screen shot over the course of 11/27/13 to monitor the impact of the 11/26-11/27/13 storm on PWD’s T-01 CSO.

Here is the 2nd CSOCast report, updated by PWD through 9:02 AM on 11/27.  Notice the status of Rock Creek T-01 CSO, no information is provided in this update.CSOCast_2

Here is the 3rd CSOCast report, updated by PWD through 12:07 PM on 11/27.  Notice the status of Rock Creek T-01 CSO  now has the  yellow overflow within past 24 hour designation..


Here is the 4th CSOCast report, updated by PWD through 5:55 PM on 11/27.


Here are the hourly rain gauge readings at Philadelphia International Airport:

Date-Time Rain (In/hr)
11/26/13 5:00 PM 0.02
11/26/13 6:00 PM 0.02
11/26/13 7:00 PM 0.03
11/26/13 8:00 PM 0.03
11/26/13 9:00 PM 0.03
11/26/13 10:00 PM 0.03
11/26/13 11:00 PM 0.05
11/27/13 12:00 AM 0.05
11/27/13 1:00 AM 0.06
11/27/13 2:00 AM 0.11
11/27/13 3:00 AM 0.13
11/27/13 4:00 AM 0.13
11/27/13 5:00 AM 0.34
11/27/13 6:00 AM 0.15

This is link to Pa State Climatologist’s web page of hourly precipitation at PHL Airport.

Here is a chart of Tookany Creek Flow at Adams Ave:

The flow increased from 8 cubic feet per second (cfs) at 6:00 PM on Tuesday (11/26) to a peak of 1,420 cfs at 5:00 AM on Wednesday (11/27). It then started to gradually return to pre-storm flow levels.

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