Tookany – Tacony Creek Stormwater Trash Pollution Update: 6/20/13

My June 20, 2013 Tookany – Tacony Creek Trash Update is available here (Update_6_20_13).


This goose was as surprised as I was when we startled each other as I was photographing trash in Rock Creek, just downstream of Ogontz Ave.

The June report reviews the timeline of the Tookany – Tacony Creek Trash initiative and shows how I reached the conclusion that Philadelphia street litter discharging from PWD outfalls is a major cause of the creek trash problem in both the Tookany and Tacony Creeks.

I have started using a trail cameras to monitor creek trash conditions. This update shows some of the early results.  Here’s a photo of a deer caught by the camera that was tracking a Rock Creek debris jam before and after a recent storm.


The TTF Trash Task Force meets monthly to discuss progress in the effort to address the Tookany – Tacony Creek trash problem. Contact Alix Howard (215.744.1853) at the TTF Watershed Partnership if you’d like to find out more about what you can do to help tackle Creek trash in our watershed.

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