Philadelphia Creek Trash Assessment Methodology

There are a number of techniques for analyzing various aspects of urban creek trash problems, however, the author has not found a  systematic, reproducible methodology for comprehensively investigating the sources and severity of creek trash problems.

This paper applies a  3 step Philadelphia Creek Trash Assessment process to the Mill Run Creek trash situation to demonstrate an analysis approach that could be applied to Philadelphia area creeks to establish the extent and potential sources of creek trash.

The Mill Run Creek offers an excellent location to develop and test creek trash assessment techniques because it only has one type of source, stormwater outfalls. Since PWD’s T-088-01 outfall makes up the entire “upstream flow” for the Creek, we do not need to worry about other upstream sources. Inspection of the area around the Creek shows that there is minimal potential overland flow of litter/ trash and illegal dumping.


Here is the pdf link.   MRC_Assess_contributions

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