Two Philadelphia Bad Neighbor Initiatives That Make Sense

Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon (6th District, NE) has an exciting Bad Neighbor Initiative that looks like it should be tried in the 8th District. Councilman Henon is keeping a Bad Neighbor Map  that shows District 6 properties with multiple L&I citations and tax delinquencies.

Councilman Henon and several other Council members, including Cindy Bass of the 8th District,  have introduced Bill No. 120297 to amend Title 4 of the Philadelphia Code … to provide for the designation of certain properties as nuisance properties, the creation of a Problem Property Task Force to address such properties, and to further provide  for penalties for, and remediation of, such nuisance properties  ...”  (link).

This looks like a great tool to help give L&I additional tools, including stronger fines, to go after chronically neglected properties. Please contact Councilwoman Cindy Bass to let here know you support Bill No 120297.

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