Mt Airy Graffiti Report: 4/15/12

The Mt Airy graffiti problem seems to be growing  in spite of rapid response by the City’s CLIP and SEPTA’s anti-graffiti crews.

The latest survey, taken between 4/12/12 and 4/15/12 found graffiti tags  at these 6 Mt Airy locations that CLIP can handle :

  • Unit Block of E Gowen Ave – 1
  • 100 block of W Gowen Ave – 6
  •  Intersection of W Bryan Street and W Allens Lane – 8
  • Lincoln Drive & W Mt Pleasant Ave – 2
  • SEPTA R7 Overpass wall – E Vernon St by Stenton Station – 1
  • E Vernon Street and Sprague Street – 1
The survey found 1 location where SEPTA crews will need to handle the graffiti because it is on a SEPTA overpass.
  • SEPTA’s R8 Overpass over W Mt Pleasant Ave – 20
4/15/12 Mt Airy Graffiti Survey

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The tags were photographed at 19 locations, on signs, mailboxes, business building walls and SEPTA property.

  • Signs – 10
  • Mailboxes – 4
  • business Building Walls – 3
  • 2 SEPTA Structures – multiple on both sides of overpass

3 taggers (RAS13, RAZE and SCUT ) were responsible for all but 2 of the tags.

I have asked EMAN, WMAN and Mt Airy USA to form a task force of concerned Mt Airy residents to spot, report and track graffiti in Mt Airy.  Please let me know if you would be interested in participating in this task force.

These tags have been reported to CLIP and SEPTA.

Here is an interactive Google Map  map of RAS13’s recent activity. You can adjust the map scale, location and you can click on a marker and see a photo of the tag.

4 responses to “Mt Airy Graffiti Report: 4/15/12

  1. Our neighbors just got hit last night. Our houses are along the R8 line on the opposite side of the CVS at Mt. Pleasant. Two fences got hit with graffiti. We saw brief flashing light and thought it was lightning. As my husband went to let the dog out he realized it was a flashlight and saw 4 heads on the other side of our neighbor’s fence. They ran when they heard him. I sent notice to CLIP as you suggest. I have photos. Don’t know who to send them to. I will try to find link to contact SEPTA.

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