SEPTA and City Quickly Remove 14 Graffiti Tags

As many R7 riders know, there has been an increase in graffiti  along the R7 line.   The Sedgwick Station area has also seen an increase. Fortunaely we have 2 public agencies who take graffiti seriously, SEPTA and the City’s Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP) (link).

I reported 7 graffit tags to SEPTA and 7 tags to CLIP Monday morning, April 2 at about 9:00 AM. By 3:00 PM all 14 tags were removed, less than 6 hours after  my email notification. Rapid removal is the best deterrent to graffiti. Thank you SEPTA and CLIP.

Here are the 14 tags removed by SEPTA and CLIUP on 4/2/12.

                Click on image to enlarge, Escape key to return to post.

It is important that we all take action against graffiti. If you may see a tag on a mail box, stop sign or wall. Report it to CLIP or SEPTA! The longer a tag remains, the more the taggers get the impression that no one cares and the more our area will be tagged.

There are 3 ways to contact CLIP to get graffit removed:

  • Call 311 and speak with an operator
  • Submit an online request here 
  • Call (215) 686-0000 and leave a detailed message

One response to “SEPTA and City Quickly Remove 14 Graffiti Tags

  1. Graffiti is an eyesore. It makes a city look run down and ghetto.

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