Potential Green Stormwater Project at E Durham & Sprague Streets

Philadelphia’s Green Storm Water Program

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) has a world class green stormwater program that uses vegetation and trees to capture/ filter/ infiltrate runoff, reducing the stormwater discharges to the City’s rivers and streams.

The land adjacent to SEPTA’s property at the corner of E Durham & Sprague Streets could make a perfect green stormwater project,  E Durham & Sprague Streets. A tree trench or bump-out could be built in Sprague Street, adjacent to the out-bound platform. Click image to enlarge

A green stormwater tree trench or bump-out could transform this section of Sprague Street by adding trees – vegetation, providing an attractive screen for the platform and Devon Village Wall as well as helping reduce stormwater runoff from the 7200 and 7100 blocks of Sprague Street.

This PDF file has been submitted to PWD to start the request process for considering this site for a PWD green stormwater project.

Very preliminary PWD feedback is that the E Durham – Sprague Street land adjacent to the outbound platform appears to be a viable site that PWD will consider adding to the list of future projects. While there are no guarantees and any actual work is a least 2 years away, the addition of a stormwater tree trench or bump-out to the 25 City Parks & Recreation trees and 23 SEPTA Sedgwick Station trees shows that we can transform our neighborhood.

Why not share your thoughts on this idea. Simply add your comments below in the Leave a Reply box to tell us what you think.

3 responses to “Potential Green Stormwater Project at E Durham & Sprague Streets

  1. This is a great idea. Would be a good site improvement and could be a great community education tool too on stormwater remediation since the station sees so many commuters on a daily basis.

  2. WONDERFUL idea! Well documented too! Thanks!

  3. I think this is a terrific idea and as an “upstreet” neighbor, water from our space flows down Durham. We’ve greened our property as much as we can but it’s the collective power of multiple small green storm water interventions that will ultimately change this. Not only am I thrilled about this possibility, I”d be happy to help raise funds for it and to help with installation and/or maintenance.

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