City Parks & Recreation to Plant 25 Trees on Streets Around Sedgwick Station

Sedgwick Station Neighbors contacted Philadelphia’s Parks & Recreation Department (link) in early May to request help in adding trees to the Sedgwick Station Neighborhood.

City Parks & Recreation took our request seriously and, after discussions with SEPTA and site visits,  developed a plan to plant 25 street trees along the streets around Sedgwick Station this fall. As the property owner, SEPTA has agreed to work cooperatively with Parks & Recreation to plant the trees in front of their property. This Sedgwick Station work will be a first of hopefully more City – SEPTA partnerships to add trees around other SEPTA property in the City.

The street trees will be planted between the sidewalk and the curb on 4 city blocks in front of SEPTA’s  Station  property:

  • E Mt Pleasant near Inbound Stairs – 2
  • 7100 block Devon Street from E Mt Pleasant Ave to Station driveway –  5
  • Sprague Street from E Mt Pleasant Ave to Durham Street – 13
  • Sprague Street from E Durham Street to E Mt Airy ave Bridge – 5

7000 Block Sprague St, looking toward E Durham Street outbound stairs. Notice white line in curb, this is marker for tree location. There will be 13 trees planted between E Mt Pleasant Ave & E Durham St

Parks & Recreation will plant a mix of 8 tree types:

  • Autumn Flame Red Maple – 6
  • Katsura – 4
  • Lacebark Elm- 2
  • Rea Oak – 2
  • Green Mountain Sugar Maple – 4
  • Zelkova – 2
  • Yellowood – 3
  • Thornless Honey Locust – 2

The actual selection may vary depending on availability at planting time.

The planting will be done by a City contractor who will be responsible for watering for 1 year.  The contractor will need to replace any of the new trees that die within a 1 year warranty period.

This is in addition to SEPTA’s landscaping plan which will add 23 trees within the Station grounds (link).

SEPTA's Landscaping Plan for Sedgwick Station - May, 2011

The addition of 25 City street trees and 23 SEPTA Station grounds trees will add a total of 48 new trees in and around Sedgwick Station. This  will certainly help to beautify the Sedgwick Station Neighborhood for residents, visitors and  commuters.

One response to “City Parks & Recreation to Plant 25 Trees on Streets Around Sedgwick Station

  1. I’m very happy to see this. The entire station covers a lot of streetscape and these trees will potentially be a nice beautification project. My only concern is the maintenance and protection of the trees since trees have been planted before on the Devon Street side (a few are still there). They appear to have been vandalized and as well as not maintained after planting. I’m hoping that the since the city will be planting they will be somewhat larger trees less prone to vandalism and that the contractor maintenance will ensure their establishment and long term survival.

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