SEPTA Needs to Restore Sprague Field

SEPTA used their R7 Sprague Field as a railroad tie transfer and storage location, bringing heavy equipment into a quiet residential neighborhood. Here is how Sprague Field looked in April – May, 2011.

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SEPTA Saved R7 Track Work Costs by Offloading Ties at Sprague Field

Here is how it looked on June 25th. SEPTA needs to restore,  beautify Sprague field.

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SEPTA has had a fence along the 7100 block of Sprague Street for 6-8 years to prevent dumping. This fence also prevents neighbors from beautifying the E Mt Airy Bridge and clearing litter that builds up in the Field. Things have changed,  dumping is no longer occurring,  16 new townhouses in Devon Village will soon bring even more eyes to Sprague Field.

It is time for SEPTA to install a new iron fence or relocate existing iron fence to the area adjacent to the tracks so that neighbors can access SpragueField to begin to beautify the E Mt Airy Ave Bridge and Sprague  Field.

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Sprague Field is a 0.3 acre piece of open land in a dense residential area. There is no longer a reason to prevent neighbors access to this open space once the R7 track work is completed and SEPTA has restored the Field. SEPTA can help to begin creating a new, badly needed mini park in E Mt Airy for the cost of a fence relocation or new fence.

Considering SEPTA’s  cost savings and the negative quality of life impact of construction activity in Sprague Field, a new fence line closer to the tracks is a bargain for SEPTA and a major plus for the neighborhood.

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Here is a link to a PDF file of the 4 slides from this post.

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One response to “SEPTA Needs to Restore Sprague Field

  1. It must be noted that trucks are prohibited from parking or standing on the 7100-7200 blocks of Sprague Street. The 14th District should be notified to issue citations.

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