Vine Covered Walls in Chestnut Hill

During the 6/13/11 EMAN meeting, concerns were raised about the use of vines on the Devon Village Front Wall because of potential damage to the wall. This is a fair concern and warrants a careful review.

There is a great deal of information on the impact of vines on masonry walls.  A future post will discuss the topic in some detail.

This post highlights the current use of vines on Chestnut Hill walls. There are a number of examples, including a florist shop, a garden shop as well as a office supply store using vines to cover part of their masonry walls.  The following slide show shows how Chestnut Hill building owners  are using vines to beautify their already good looking walls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you imagine how Boston ivy, Virginia creeper or Wisteria could beautify the Devon Village Front Wall?

Much of the bad reputation that vines have gotten is from English ivy which is considered an invasive plant that grows continuously and has the potential to damage masonry.  English ivy is not an appropriate vine for Devon Village Front Wall and should not be considered for use.

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